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    Postini Spam and Virus Filtering FAQ

    Q: What are the benefits of Postini?
    A:1. Superb spam and virus e-mail filtering. It can be configured to be lenient or aggressive, we've been using the most aggressive settings with great success. There are also options for whitelisting and blacklisting.

    2. Daily filtering reports. Perhaps one of the "coolest" features of the Postini service is actually seeing how much spam is being filtered, where it is coming from, etc.

    3. Spam and virus infected e-mails never reach our servers. On average, our servers process approximately 25,000 e-mails per day per server. The vast majority of these e-mails are spam. Stopping the e-mails from ever reaching our servers reduces the overall burden that is placed on them.

    4. If your server goes down the Postini servers will still spool your e-mail and deliver it as soon as the server comes back online. Without Postini you have to depend on the sending server attempting to re-deliver several hours later.

    5. Its better than client side spam filtering because then your spam is all ready filtered in webmail. It is also especially helpful if you have your email delivered to your phone.

    Q: How much does it cost
    A:$2.50 per month/ per Postini account. Each Postini account can filter up to 6 e-mail addresses. The only "catch" is that all spam and virus infected e-mail will only be accessible via the single Postini account login.

    Q: How do i sign up?
    A: Send a ticket to the billing department and include what domain and email you want setup on postini, you must also include what forwarders you want setup as well.

    Q: Is there a setup fee or cancelation fee?
    A: No, but the $2.50 per month is not refundable.

    Q: How does it work?
    A: after you submit the ticket to get setup support will change the MX record to Postini's server. The email is routed through Postini servers, filtered and then sent back to your server.

    Q: Is there a limit to how many postini accounts per domain/reseller account?
    A: No limit. Each customer will have there own login to postini, so you can easily resell the service.

    Q: Can i change my forwarders or add new emails to postini filtering.
    A: No, you have to contact support with any changes.

    Q: Do i have to keep the forwarders setup in cpanel after they are setup in Postini?
    A: Yes you must keep the forwarders setup in cpanel as well.

    Q: What if i forward email to the postini protected account but the forwarding account isnt setup with postini?
    A: The email will pass through, however it will not be filtered.

    Q: How reliable is this service?
    A: Postini provides enterprise level email services. 4 MX records are used on each account. read more about postini at

    Q: I forgot my Postini login or url, how can i get them back?
    A: Your email is the login, Contact support to retrieve your password. The message center url is:
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