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I'm unable to send e-mail from my computer.

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  • I'm unable to send e-mail from my computer.

    If you are using an e-mail client such as Outlook or Outlook Express and are unable to send e-mail (SMTP) using our server, please try the following:

    1. Go to MS-DOS Prompt (also known as Command Prompt). In Windows XP you can go to Start > Run, type "cmd" and hit enter to achieve this. Nearly all verions of Windows have this under the Start > Programs > Accessories menu as well.

    2. Type "telnet 25" (be sure to enter your own domain).

    3. Hit enter and let it run, it may take a few seconds depending on the results.

    If you get a connection failed on port 25 then that means that your ISP has blocked the default SMTP port 25 (many ISPs do this now to help curb spamming). Please try changing your outgoing mail (SMTP) port to 587 (instead of 25).
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