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  • KyleC
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    How to install SquirrelMail

    Install Squirrel Mail (& Plugins)
    1. download .tar to webspace
    2. using putty or ssh-tool of choice, go to directory and 'tar -vxf sqmailfileblah.tar'
    3. rename newly-created directory if you wish
    4. once in that directory, 'chmod -R +777 data' or at least change the data folder
    and the default.pref file to +777
    I'd recommend creating data and attachments directories outside of your www root.
    You don't want any world-writeable directories in your www root path. It's a bad
    security practice.
    5. go to the config folder and type in 'perl'
    6. In Menu item #2, put in your domain name, and save the configuration.

    squirrelmail is installed and will now work

    What do I put for IMAP settings?
    What do I put for SMTP settings?

    What else do I need to change other than the domain?

    Ok, what you "need" to configure is:

    - Under Server Settings => input your domain for Domain
    - Under General Options => change Data and Attachment Directory to the proper path
    where you created the directories

    IMAP and SMTP settings will stay the same....localhost since that's where the mail
    server is in respect to the squirrelmail script.

    global $plugins;
    * To install plugins, just add elements to this array that have
    * the plugin directory name relative to the /plugins/ directory.
    * For instance, for the 'sqclock' plugin, you'd put a line like
    * the following.

    addressbook_take: grab sender email address and store it to address book
    delete_move_next: add a new menu which deletes a current message and shows a next
    (previous) one. I love this!
    filter: message filtering.
    masage_details: show detailed message info
    newmail: play a sound when a new message arrives and change browser header to
    display the number of new mails.
    calendar: private or shared calendar
    weather: display weather info.
    autocomplete - very good plugin. I add <a href="</span></a> to
    my address book and give it the nickname 'Michael', THEN while I am composing a
    message, on the TO: line, I type in 'mi' and it auto-magicly fills in Michael. A lot
    like Outlook, works very well.

    addgraphics - add a logo/image above the folder list on the left-hand side.

    disk_quota - havent played extensively with it, as far as I know, doesnt really work

    username - shows the username on the left-side menu (so you remember who you are
    logged in as)

    vlogin - makes it so I dont have to login with full email address, just my username,
    very useful

    pushed_look - makes the text links act kinda like a button on mouseover

    jsclock - adds a clock to the left-side menu, many available fonts/looks

    pupdate - scans all your plugins and lets you know which ones have an update available

    left_css - Allows the user to specify a different style sheet for the left-side
    menu. Nice if you want that side smaller than the right.

    notify - THIS PLUGINS ROCKS!! Its not really like newmail, it opens a little box
    which checks your email every n minutes and flashes when you have new mail. I like
    it because I close my inbox window and just leave the little window open. when new
    mail, I click on link in the small window and it opens my big window again.

    mail_utilities - creates a sub-menu for those utilities/plugins that need their own
    page (like Bug, and Fetch), so that the menu bar doesn't get too crowded.

    taglines - add a tag line to each outgoing mail (like what Hotmail does)

    htmlarea - havent got it to work yet (havent tried a lot either) - gives you a
    compose box with many, many options.

    sql_squirrel_logger (funny name ) - logs activity of who uses your squirrelmail

    images - dump images in a directory and it will randomly use one of them as the logo
    on the login screen

    click_menu - left-clicking with the mouse brings up a menu with common functions
    (compose, folders, addresses, etc.)

    With all these plugins, especially notify, it makes Squirrelmail very very nice to
    the point where I no longer use Outlook or any other mail client, just Squirrelmail.

    by ikkebra
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