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    Hi there,

    1) Do you have a per-hour email limit set on your accounts? I host some sites with mailman lists that have very little traffic so overall usage is low. For example, a mailing list with 120 addresses on it that gets about 5 msgs a week, but 2 may be sent in a given hour. My current host has a 200 email per hour limit and that causes 40 addresses to bounce.

    2) I see each account comes with one dedicated IP. I need one dedicated IP for an e-commerce site (have the certificate already) but it's not the main account, will I need to order another one or can I just apply the given IP to that domain only?

    3) Can you move the entire whm/cpanel package I have at my old host or do I have to open a whm account, create the other accounts, and then upload backups (I have full cpanel backups that I know require root to install. Alternatively I can also give you passwords to each of the accounts).

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    1) We have no set e-mail limit per hour, but we do not monitor this closely. The general rule for anything is that we cannot allow one customer to impact server performance for othe customers. However, I don't see a problem with your particular mailing list.

    2) The first IP is free, but it is not provided until you submit an IP request form via our customer control panel. At that point you specify the domain that it will be used on.

    3) If you do not have root access to the server we will need the IP, username, and password for each account that you would like us to transfer. Your reseller password will not work for this, we need the actual password for each account. You do not need to (nor should you) create the accounts on our servers first.