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  • overselling

    do you allow over selling? it would not be a ridiculous amount.


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    Sorry, we do not allow overselling.


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      i have been thinking about this lately. I remember you thinking about offering it before (awhile ago now). Any chance this ever happening? I would like to have this option.


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        It is highly unlikely. It is just far too easy for customers to take their overselling to the extreme without even understanding what is going on. Ultimately it is not the bandwidth and disk usage that concerns us. It is the CPU usage, MySQL usage, disk I/O, etc. that can all be hammered by overselling on accounts. We have no intentions of putting our servers in a situation like that which could simply cause them to perform poorly.


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          I hope you don't allow overselling, or at least warn us first! I'd hate to be on a server with 4,500 other websites (close to what I saw on a recent shared server from a client who is now on my Dathorn server).

          My last three accounts were from people who didn't care how much disk space they got, or how much bandwidth was allocated to them, as long as their site was up as much as possible. I'm finding that my best customers are those that want a more personal touch in helping them set up and configure their sites, and want me to handle that "technical stuff".

          I'll always lose when trying to win the war against the guys advertising huge accounts at small dollar amounts. They are playing the stats game, knowing that most static web sites with 10 - 12 HTML pages will not break 25mb, much less the "4GB for $1" special they are running. For those customers, a managed site is more important than one that has X amount of disk or X amount of bandwidth.


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            Hey, that is so true, Frank!

            Once my customer asked me why I limit his quota to 100 Mbs for $X, and Host-Y, an imaginary company which serves his partner offers him 5 Gbs for $X/5. Then I asked what is really more important from his point of view: seeing every day a large number with many zeroes in his cPanel, space and bandwidth he is never going to make use of or having his site running flawlessly and quick & friendly fixes when a problem comes out?

            We didn't have any conversations about money since then I really like the customers of this kind, unforunately not all of them are always as adequate.


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              Off topic, but what do you guy say when your customers ask you where your server is hosted?


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                Instead of being off topic you could start your own topic as this question is not related to this thread at all.


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                  Its been a long time since I have been here.

                  Was wondering if you are offering overselling on your reseller accounts yet?


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                    Hey Andy!

                    No, we still do not allow overselling nor do we have any plans to at this point. Our focus is on providing a fast and reliable service which we've done now for more than 16 years.