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    Does Dathorn allow websites which have 100-200 users at any one time?

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    Originally posted by quikfire
    Does Dathorn allow websites which have 100-200 users at any one time?
    For shortness - absolutely not. Something like this would require a VPS or dedicated server. I can't imagine any shared hosting provider that would be thrilled over hosting any such site.


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      My website is running fine on my shared hosting provider though. Actually it's more of 50-150 users, but I was thinking of moving to Dathorn if it expands.

      Looks like I'll have to get a dedicated server then.


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        Note that are these SIMULATANIOUS users? If it is per day or hour even it probably will not cause of problem. If you get 150 at the same INSTANT, then you're in trouble but you'd also be getting 10s of thousands of hits per day.
        Dan Blomberg


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          My bad..

          150 users who are active within a 5 minutes timeframe.

          Something like 'Who's Online' feature.

          I get about 90,000 hits per day though.

          Edit: Is that considered too much for a shared hosting account?
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            Related question to this thread...

            Let's say one of our site(s) is fortunate enough to become popular. Will you (Andrew) or at least the Dathorn world at large, be able and willing to advise us before that load becomes a problem?
            Ok, you guys start coding.
            I'll go find out what the customer wants.


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              Here's my take on it after observing what happens here ... but realize that Andrew is really the only one who sets the policies, and my observations might be off base.

              If your site has steady and stable growth you will know its happening as your bandwidth allotment is used up before the end of the month. I'm experiencing that now with a site that started at under 4 GB bandwidth, and now I have to allow 10 GB. More users logging in, but so far, no real drain on the shared server I'm on. The stats show consistent use by my Australian, European and American visitors, so the usage is being spread over the hours pretty evenly. It might be a site I have to move to its own server later on.

              But if you are going along with a nice, calm site, and then WHAM!, your site gets written up in PC Magazine or on CNN, and you suddenly get slammed with hits, you could get your site suspended without "prior notice". The reason there isn't prior notice is that there isn't time to evaluate it and try to react other than pulling the plug. The load on the server overwhelms it, and none of the sites work correctly, so the one causing the problem gets pulled "no questions asked."

              In both cases, Dathorn doesn't "warn" you. You have to be aware of what's happening with your site. Dathorn has fantastic customer service, and if something's amiss on their end, it is attended to immediately. But they don't hold your hands and watch your bandwidth for you.


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                Both cases make sense. But of course, resource consumption comes in several flavours... processor usage, bandwidth consumption, etc.

                I'm mainly wondering if there's any sort of 'yellow-light' state for an account, since anything judged from within the black box lacks the important "big-picture" view.
                Ok, you guys start coding.
                I'll go find out what the customer wants.