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How can Dathorn be so price competitive?

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  • How can Dathorn be so price competitive?

    OK - I'll ask the question that everyone must be thinking: How can Dathorn be so price competitive?

    Price is an interesting issue. One would think that the higher the price, the better the reliability, performance and customer service of the hosting company, but this is not always the case.

    I did have one unlimited domain $8 per month account at another host where I could not wait to get rid of them. Somehow having discussions about why resellers might wish to be able to restore phpmyadmin backups did not seem to be the type of host I wanted.

    However my experience has been the opposite.... I currently have 3 hosting companies now where I pay $55, $35 and $25 per month for reseller accounts with unlimited domains. The resources, level of customer service and performance seem inversely proportional to the price - the $25 per month host is perhaps my favorite and the $55 the least favorite.

    People seem to say nice things about Dathorn in this forum and on other forums. Can Dathorn have a sound business model at $13.50 per month? How do I figure out if Dathorn is an attractive option to my highest $55 per month host or a repeat of my $8 per month bad experience? (this discussion forum helps)

    I guess I may just have to try Dathorn and see, but other than giving me a special price that is double your usual rate, are there any comments about the viability of the pricing structure and company stability that might help put my mind at ease?

    Denver Dave

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    The pricing has remained as is for more than 2 years since we've been offering our services online. Maintaining profit is not a problem here or else we'd have been out of business long ago.


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      Fast boxes / Great Service.

      I asked the same question one year ago this month. If there are problems as there always will be, Andrew and his team fix them as fast as humanly possible. Andrew makes his boxes run faster than any other servers I've seen. Try it; you'll like it. No other virtural service support would have put up with the problem they fixed for me recently.


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        Thanks for the feedback. Your replies were not wasted - I just signed up for an account.


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          I was worried when I first signed up, this being my first
          reseller account. I had such high hopes :P

          Anyways, support is great ~ once one of my sites went down around
          3AM, got in a 'ticket ~ got a reply within like 15minutes or so.

          Oh and the hopes weren't wasted + been here since 01/20/04.
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            No Phone Support Saves $$$!!!

            The prices at Dathorn are largely due to no phone support. Providing phone support (even cheap phone support) is VERY EXPENSIVE! Cheap phone support would still cost more than the already great support that is provided by Andrew's online ticket tracking system. I'll let you people do the math on this one....Suppose a southern blondie calls up Andrew and he has to source that call out to keep the network afloat. She calls, again, again, and again. Customers like her would easily drive up the cost of hosting my site and all others to excess of $75.00 per month or more. Back in the days when I needed phone support, I paid dearly for it. Go to CI Host and they will provide phone support for less than $25.00 per month for your site. Keep in mind you get what you pay for! They had hold times of over one hour!! provided excellent phone support and I paid $155.00 per quarter to host my site with them. Then again, I had to pay for two accounts to host my site with them LOL!
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              Originally posted by Denver Dave
              Thanks for the feedback. Your replies were not wasted - I just signed up for an account.

              Welcome aboard, I have been here for over two years nowe and loving it. Outstanding support, great equipment and Andrew keeps us upto date with any issues that are popping up.

              These forums are a great source of info regarding Dathorn's service etc....

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                Dathorn rocks!

                I don't know about the business model or how Andrew and Company keep the price so low and the reliability so high. I do know that my Websites have been up reliably for two years. The few times I have had a problem, Tech Support has taken care of it promptly, sometimes within minutes.

                I have a few sites with another hosting company, which my client does not wish to move. That company charges $99 a year for one site with up to 500 meg of space and unlimited bandwidth. These sites have been quite reliable but if something does go wrong, it can take 1-2 days to get a reply from Tech Support and longer to resolve the problem.

                With Dathorn I get 2,000 meg of space for $162 a year and that is for any number of Websites, not just one. I have 19 sites mounted and I have not come close to using up all of my alloted space or bandwidth.

                So, I don't know how Andrew does it. I am just grateful that he does do it, and I hope that he is making enough money that he can continue to do it.
                A very satisfied customer since 06/02/03. Dathorn rocks!


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                  Not to speculate or use common math to exploit Andrew or his awesome business... but do the math guys!

                  This is a great host, my favourite.. and I've been with over a dozen "good" hosts.

                  There's over 40 servers here. So, say he's got only 50 (fifty! that's very little) subscribers on each server at the lowest price.. 15 bucks a month..

                  That's $30,000 a month in cashflow. Even if he spends 20k on the servers, pipes, and support... well, you get the picture.

                  More realistically, he has more than 50 on each server, and half of them are paying 20, 25, or 30 bucks a month.. raising that figure considerably.

                  Unless Andrew loses work ethic, hires some idiot to do his job, or has a tragic event, he will stay in business! =)

                  go dathorn


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                    I see you have found out the secret to Dathorn, very good pricing, outstanding service and a product that just plain works. This is the secret to any successful business.....end of story....

                    Value here at dathorn is amazing no doubt about it. If Andrew wants to answer trouble tickts at 4:00 am power to him and if he is happy with his business model and it affords him the life style he wants, that is what would be referred to as a successful buiness person.

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