Merchant Account Recommendation - What do you use?

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  • brett
    • Mar 2004
    • 45

    Merchant Account Recommendation - What do you use?

    Any vendors recommended for a decent merchant account?
    I know we have Sam's, Costco, local banks, etc., but want to make sure it's:

    1. Priced well
    2. API is compatible with standard carts like OS Commerce, Zen Cart, X-Cart, Cube Cart, etc.

    I setup one long ago in the 90's for like $900! And I think my stinking fees are like $25+10+10 or something like that. These fees come from all over (bank, merchant, gateway, whatever), however, I know with that adds $10 as well, but everything interfaces with

    I want to make a recommendation to clients, but not sure my solution is the best:
    QuickBooks Payments lets small businesses accept payments online from anywhere. Accept, process, and manage payments online with our merchant services here.

    PayPal seems like the way, but a REAL merchant account I think is still best and more professional. Maybe they support this now?!


    Or pros or cons to these supported processors (directly from
    Authorize AIM
    Nochex APC
    PayPal IPN
    Print Order Form
    Protx (VPS Form)
    WorldPay Junior
    VirtualMerchant (Nova Networks)
  • AndrewT
    • Mar 2004
    • 3653

    Personally I would recommend as a gateway. The gateway fees aren't much at all. But these fees will certainly seem high if you're only processing a couple of credit cards here and there for a few dollars each.

    You'll find that the gateway will be the most important decision because that is the API that you will use to process the charges. I will say, however, that is limited a bit in the functionality of its API so it may not be the right choice for you.


    • brett
      • Mar 2004
      • 45

      Great feedback Andrew. Thanks!

      Can one be choosy with the gateway, provided the merchant is someone else? Sorry that I'm a Kindergartener with this.

      Can handle it all? Would I need to signup with someone else first? Whom? I would think would have an approved list... maybe I'll check again there and call them.

      I'm researching now and will post my results if/when if any found.


      • AndrewT
        • Mar 2004
        • 3653

        Authorize.Net would just be the gateway. You would still need a merchant account, usually one that uses Authorize.Net specifically as their gateway.

        Most providers of merchant accounts will have the gateway of their choice tied into the merchant account and you will be limited to only using that gateway.


        • ZYV
          Senior Member
          • Sep 2005
          • 315

          Hmm, sorry but what exactly a merchant account is and why it's necessary? Can't you just install a shopping cart, set up a processing gateway to work with it and stop here?


          • brett
            • Mar 2004
            • 45

            I'd love to have a process for recommending to clients how to truly accept credit cards, other than through PayPal. Please outline this process you suggest...? I think you still need the Merchant company to be the link to your bank account.

            I did some research the other day, and boy is this pathetic. I'll be changing companies soon!

            Remember, this was like 1997 or so with
            Setup: $900
            Amex: $4.50+5.95/mo.
            Authnet Gateway: $10/mo.
            Monthly Service (Bankcard): $10 + $15 min.

            These next two items they just dumped on me without asking!
            "Innovative" iClub Member: $14.99?! per mo. - for people with terminals which I don't even have!
            $75 annual fee