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  • stealthx32
    Junior Member
    • Nov 2004
    • 17

    Yeah, Fantastico provides what the scripts provide, and not much more. Not worth the additional investment IMHO, whether its monetary or time investment. If you guys have trouble installing a script, there's more than enough people on here that are willing to walk you through the installation.


    • rsowen
      • Mar 2004
      • 40

      Originally posted by Penhall
      The last thing I would like to see is DIS in price war with a 13 year old offering hosting plans from a DSL line in his parents basement.
      Ditto. For all I know, some of those folks offering cheap hosting deals are themselves hosted right here.

      I posted several weeks back about OSI Hosting - some kid who was claiming to have a million square feet of dedicated servers ready to rent at locations in many different cities. It finally came out that he apparently owns nothing but a cell phone when a reporter finally found a working address for him: his parents house. Dad didn't even know that Junior was doing this.

      As near as I can tell - meaning I can't prove that a person doesn't have more - the kid had nothing more than a reseller account just like we all have here. But I found that it is pretty much impossible to prove that someone doesn't have what is claimed. You cannot prove that the person is unable to provide an advertised $65 dedicated server until after you actually pay the money and wait for months to get nothing in return.

      Good luck to anyone who wants to leave Dathorn on the belief that this is a laborless commodity service governed by price. I moved here when Andrew first opened for business, and I'm not going back to the childish service that I endured with two prior hosting services.


      • Jody
        Junior Member
        • Apr 2004
        • 10

        Reliability is most important

        I will echo what others have been saying. I was with three other hosting companies before I found Dathorn, and I'm sure glad I did.

        Dathorn has been much more reliable than anybody else I had used. They respond to trouble tickets quickly.

        Thanks Dathorn for making my life easier.