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  • BiDoU
    Junior Member
    • Jun 2005
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    Problem with a reseller

    Hello all members of this forum community !

    For about two years I do "business" with Web Technologic for my hosting of a non-profit organisation forum discussions board named "Mon Visage" who can reach at This forum helps teenagers who have questions about adolescence and things around that, mostly in french language.

    Since fews days, June 14th to be more exactly, I had problem to access my web site and it says that my account has been suspended.

    So, I tried to access Web Technologic site and, surprised, it says that their account has been suspended too. I tried to send mail to support of Web Technologic and no answer (Maybe I think that their e-mail accounts have been suspended too like mine for

    I didn't take the phone number on Web Technologic web site but I tried to reach them with the phone number that appears on WHOIS of their domain name. Three differents numbers, one sounds like a modem answer, one other is not on service and the last one the person who answer said to me that I did a wrong phone number...

    I didn't know exactly where Web Technologic do business for their servers but I discovered Dathorn with a search on the web about *

    I tried to talk with Mr. AndrewT but of course, I understand, he wants only to talk with the owner of Web Technologic to deal with.

    The problem is that my forum discussion board has over 100 000 messages and this is a great database with full good informations for my community.

    Shame on me, maybe I didn't choose a good web hosting company. Shame on me, my last backup of my database date of April 10th 2005 (normally I do backup each week but with school exams I didn't have the time to go on my computer often).

    I just ask to find a solution to my problem: I want to get back my account to do a backup of my database. I just feel that the company which I did business is not good and I feel that I will lose all my data...

    It's the first time that a thing like that happens to me and maybe if someone in this community can help me to find a solution, it will be very appreciate.

    At this time, I have no idea how reach the company who host me, I don't know how I can save my database with CPanel since my account has been suspended...

    P.S.: Sorry for my bad english...
  • Grunfeld
    Senior Member
    • Mar 2004
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    Check your Private Messages

    (This space for rent)


    • AndrewT
      • Mar 2004
      • 3653

      I apologize, I meant to reply to your last e-mail, but I managed to forget about it even after I flagged it for this very purpose. I will be sending you a reply shortly.


      • BiDoU
        Junior Member
        • Jun 2005
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        Thank you very much ! All it's ok now.

        Thank you very much for the backup !!!