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  • ChrisTech
    Senior Member
    • Mar 2004
    • 530

    Bored @ Work ???

    You can tell when I have free time @ work, or I'm just bored, I hit up my forums, Dathorn's forums, and WHT.

    What does everyone else do when they are bored at work?

    I do mean I am still semi-busy here @ work. Working on several machines, which are all currently tied up either doing spyware scans (adaware), or online virus scans (trendmiro and/or pandasoftware) or the glorious windows updates.

    My fun part time worker isn't here today, and the summer intern (free work) won't be here for another 2.5 hours.

    Oh, and I work @ a small ISP in IL, about 25 minutes south-east of St. Louis, MO. We provide dialup/dsl & we obviously work on pcs. We have a corp. reseller account here at dathorn (thx to someone who kept on the bosses about replacing our dying webserver on the shared T1 for hosting).
    Hosting at Dathorn since March 2003!

    My Interwebs speed on Charter Cable!
  • retro
    • Jun 2004
    • 40

    I work in a web design office so I usually keep my boredom-browsing to sites that are or could be relevant to what we are doing.. ALA, a lot of CSS gallery sites, looking for new/improved scripts, etc.
    Denny Cave


    • Klaassh
      • Mar 2004
      • 62

      Well I have ditched my business as a PC tech (can't stand the people) and just started work on a prawn trawler (fishing boat) for something completely different. At least I am not sitting at a computer 17 hours a day anymore

      And my first job on the trawler, fixing the computer sigh
      A good friend will bail you out of jail
      But your best friend will be sitting next to you,
      saying "That was awesome!"


      • Jonathan
        Senior Member
        • Mar 2004
        • 1229

        Thats cool Klaassh My dad used to own/run a trap boat (crabs n' lobster)
        in the FL 'Keys before we moved to the Daytona area. I work as a lowly just-started
        bagboy/does-everything-in-between sort of dude @ the local food lion so all I can do is
        day dream in between serving customers or collecting carts
        "How can someone be so distracted yet so focused?"
        - C