Summer Time Slow Down

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  • Grunfeld
    Senior Member
    • Mar 2004
    • 209

    Summer Time Slow Down

    Wow it's slow around here, guess that is a good thing...... plus people on vacation etc. For me vacation is worknig around the home I travel alot in my job and was away for 5 plus weeks straight, so the grass is 3 ft tall and the list of chores is many pages.....
    However today it's raining so it's indoor chores...

    Anyone planning a road trip for their vacation....???

    (This space for rent)
  • Jonathan
    Senior Member
    • Mar 2004
    • 1229

    I don't know when my family is going to take a vaction. I got a job so
    thats why I haven't been on much. I don't even mess w/ web design
    for the most part last time I did was like a month ago, only been using
    my space here as a file storage thing, especially pictures.
    "How can someone be so distracted yet so focused?"
    - C