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  • Pedja
    Senior Member
    • Mar 2004
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    Password security

    It seems you changed requirements for password security. I do use safe and secure passwords but it seems you just like to complicate things.

    Now, when i try to change password for some account I just get notice that password does not fulfill strength rating of 65 or higher. 65!!! Why don't you set to 100%.

    And at least notice should show what is required to do to get such high strength. I tried several passwords and neither passed the requirement. I do not want to use 128 character passwords with all who know how many punctuation characters just to fulfill this unreasonable requirements.

    I first met with this recently, when I created new account. On creation there is no explanation what password has to look like to pass strength requirement. It just says it has to have more than 5 characters and have password strength 65 but not explaining how to get strength 65.

    And guess what, as i had to try with several passwords I now do not know which one I used, and I cannot access account. Now when i try to change password using WHM, every new password I try to set is rejected, except if I use ridiculously long password which is unacceptable.
  • AndrewT
    • Mar 2004
    • 3653

    The password requirements haven't been changed for at least a couple of years. All we can do is specify a minimum required strength, cPanel takes care of the rest. We have no control over what is displayed there. You can see their documentation for further information:

    At this point in time, though, no one should really be entering their own passwords. WHM can generate an acceptable password for you. A unique password should be used for every login and stored in your choice of password manager.