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Anyone care to discuss their reseller methods/prices?

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  • Anyone care to discuss their reseller methods/prices?

    I'm starting to do some freelance web design. I think it would be easiest for many clients for me to just be a reseller and sell them some space/bandwidth from my account. But it seems tricky to make the numbers jive(or, actually be very profitable). I would like to offer clients 1GB of space/1-3GB of bandwidth for $5, but that quickly loses all financial benefit/feasibility.

    So I wanted to see what others do. I realize maybe people won't want to disclose their business plans, but hopefully I can get some useful information.

    Also, what about things like upgrading WordPress? Do you just leave it up to them or do you handle it for them?

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    I think you'll find that kind of pricing very easy to offer later this year as all of our plans receive a nice bump in resources.


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      AWE-SOME! Can't wait! Thanks Andrew. I appreciate the way things are always getting better with Dathorn. I've been a customer for a long time. Six years at least. And I've never had a complaint. You guys always have our backs and that's truly awesome.

      Until the upgrade, maybe I'll just offer smaller packages.
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        You're very welcome! Thank YOU for entrusting us with your business for all of these years!


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          If you are going to make web design as your main job, then consider hostign services as suplemental and make prices just to make it pay on, and not neccessarily to gain big profit.

          It is best for you to host sites you create, and that is gain for yourself that you hardly can express in price. You can even give zour customers hosting for free and you will still gain a lot from it

          I do that way for years, and I cannot be more happy, as I control everything about sites that I need to control.


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            Hey Pedja!
            Yeah, I do agree that it would be way easier to have all of my clients under one account. The time I would save would be tremendous. I'm not sure about GIVING away hosting. It's a pretty decent concept, but I'd rather not lose money on the hosting bit. I *could* probably deal with not making a hefty profit on it, since I'm not right now. I just wanted to augment my income in as many ways as possible. Hmmmm. Much to think about. Thanks
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