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  • A Records, Root Domain, Sub-domains

    Using WHM how can I direct my root .com's A record to tumblr's IP, but still direct my subdomains to my dathorn hosting as they currently are?

    I'm assuming it's just changing this entry: | 14400 | IN | A | (<- that's tumblr ip)

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    Yes, that would be the entry you would need to change. However, I must advise that cPanel does not cooperate well when creating new subdomains or addon domains if the main domain's A record has been changed.

    For example, if you change the domain's A record to, when you create a new subdomain in cPanel it will populate the new virtualhost entry with instead of the correct IP address. This just means that you would have to contact us every time to correct this for you manually.


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      Can't this be worked around at WHM DNS tools level? I was under impression that you can somehow define templates per account in there.


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        The issue is with the virtualhost entry that cPanel creates in the httpd.conf for the subdomain so the DNS tool would not help.