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    I need to give users access to one folder in a domain. I have set up file transfers but not using SSL.

    I created a sub-domain and set up FTP accounts for it. The users see only the "root" folder of the sub-domain and all is well in the land. With an icon on the desktop they can bring up an Explorer window and copy files happily into the night.

    I would like to secure these files. I can let Word and Excel password protect them but I would prefer to have them encrypted.

    Does Dathorn's FTP permit using SSL? Is there some other way to secure these files?

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    Hi Bob.
    Do you want the files hidden and secure, as they reside on the server, from anyone other than the authorized users? If so you should password-protect the directory they are in. I don't know what the ramifications would be for Windows. Maybe they would have to log in twice.
    Or you could look for an ".htaccess" solution for blocking http access. That would keep browsers out (I think).
    Secure ftp with ssl (if enabled) will only encrypt them en route. But in my experience, Windows (XP) will not do that. Unless there's something I don't know. I tried "sftp://". I tried "fish://" (which works from a linux pc with ":22" after the URL). I couldn't make secure ftp work in an MS window.
    I hope something I said helps.
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