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SMTP server altering the domain part of address

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  • SMTP server altering the domain part of address

    Hi all.
    I have a rather peculiar problem with some SMTP servers out there - maybe the collective wisdom of this forum will help me find a way out...

    This is what happens:
    1.) Somebody in City Hall composes an email to (the correct address) and pushes Send;
    2.) Their brilliantly configured SMTP server somehow changes the address to;
    3.) Cpanel59 answers to such an address with '451 Temporary local problem - please try later';
    4.) Four days and many attempts later their SMTP server gives up and returns the message as undelivered!

    The problem is clearly on their side and I should just contact their admin to take a look at the matter, right? Well, not so fast.
    The server is maintained by a kinda-half-private-half-nobodyknows company with a monopoly over the local government's IT structures, which does indeed behave like a dumb monopolist - there is exactly zero probabilities that the bozos could even consider it a problem worth their time (assuming they're up to the task at all). If I want to receive mail from City Hall or from my Regional assembly representative (who is, BTW, a customer) it's me having to bend over backwards.

    My question is: what happens if I set up to be an add-on domain to and redirect all mail up to Would I end up having both a www CNAME and a NS pointer for the www zone in DNS? Would this thing mess up somehow the VirtualHost configuration?

    Better still, does somebody know of a better way to have the mail server accept messages for without wreaking havoc all over the place?

    Thanks in advance

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    Go ahead and submit a ticket with the domain in question and I'll poke around to see if I can get anything to easily work with this.


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      If anyone ever needs this working as well just go ahead and submit a ticket. Be sure to request that it be assigned directly to me and please provide this forum thread link in the ticket as well.

      In order to do this I had to manually add the domain to the local domain list and I then setup a filter in the domain's cPanel to do the forwarding.


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        Two words: Dathorn rocks!