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  • I used to know what I was doing...

    Hey guys. I used to run a small account on Dathorn more than a decade ago, but moved on to a different career and haven't done much with computers since. A friend has asked me to put together a small site for them (likely just a handful of static pages), and I'm really having to wrack my brain to remember what to do, it's been so long.

    Am I correct in assuming I can still just use a Wordpress skin for something this simple? Or is there a better/easier free CRM available now? Or would I be better off using some sort of prepackaged service like wix or squarespace instead or wracking my brain for outdated skills I last used more than a decade ago?

    I like the idea of using my own hosting, but since it's for a single domain, the adwords credit and similar stuff that wix and squarespace are offering is a little tempting. I know Dathorn is aimed more at resellers than hosting for single low-traffic domains.

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    It's really going to boil down to personal preference. If you want to have full control over everything, a hosting account is the way to go. WordPress is still the easiest and most popular option. It can be automatically installed via Softaculous from within cPanel. You can then find / install a theme that you like and add your content.


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      Thanks, Andrew. You're literally the reason why I first thought of Dathorn after a decade, I can't imagine anyone else offering customer service this good. I think i'll sign up for a month and see if I can remember what i'm doing.

      I don't remember the forums being quite so quiet last time, though, where'd everyone go?


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        That sounds great!

        We haven't actively promoted use of the forums in a very long time. We'd much rather provide support via our portal where we have direct access to client accounts.