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What ports are closed?

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  • What ports are closed?

    I had to access external service on high TCP port from site hosted on Dathorn but connection was failing.
    I found out that outgoing connections to that port are denided on Dathorn server.

    Where can we see list of ports that are blocked so we can adjust?

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    As with any firewall, all ports are closed unless they specifically need to be open. Please submit a ticket with the details and we can open the necessary port for you.


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      I tried port 80 and it worked so I guessed only high ports are blocked.

      I thought if lower ports are open I can switch using one of them to avoid customizing settings on hosting server. This service has to be accessed by other sites and I want to make it simpler to setup for them by avoiding special settings of firewall.


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        Only the necessary ports are open, so there are many lower than 80 blocked by default as well. We're happy to open an outbound port up as needed. Though if you're wanting other sites to access the service in question, using a common port would be recommended as any reputable host will similarly block unused ports. It would just avoid that issue entirely.