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  • rogerhc
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    • Sep 2010
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    Let's discuss hosting MediaWiki on Dathorn shared hosting

    (MediaWiki is basically PHP + MySQL. So I'll start this here; let me know if another Forum area would be better)

    I run three MediaWiki instances on my Dahtorn shared hosting account:
    * -- two people participating; belongs to one of them, not me (I'm just site admin)
    * -- very quiet wiki for an active Yahoogroup
    * -- (closed but still online for gradual content migration to the two above wikis)

    I SSH into the server for most site administration work. I use cPanel for downloading backups, creating email forwarders, and viewing Awstats. I find extension ConfirmEdit ( with QuestyCaptcha useful to limit spam bots.

    Dathorn's awesome shared hosts serve MediaWiki beautifully!

    Anyone hosting MediaWiki on a Dathorn server, welcome to add tips or questions to this thread!
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  • rogerhc
    Junior Member
    • Sep 2010
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    Security: I found that password throttling was not working. Password throttling is where you limit multiple password guessing attempts so that bots cannot so easily brut force guess users' login passwords. Password throttling is turned on by default in MediaWiki but fails to work when $wgMainCacheType is set to CACHE_NONE (in LocalSettings.php). I changed that to the following and now password attempt throttle works:

    $wgMainCacheType=CACHE_DB; // so that password attempt throttle works

    Any caveats regading above setting, anyone?

    The MediaWiki Manual page for $wgMainCacheType is$wgMainCacheType

    The MediaWiki Manual page for $wgPasswordAttemptThrottle is

    As for Memcached, Dathorn servers don't have Memcached installed. I think we don't need Memcached for lightly used one server wikis anyway. Memcached is designed for big multiple server sites.