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  • PHP-FFMpeg

    I saw the announcement for support of ffmpeg in 2008. Wondering if Dathorn servers have the latest version, and in particular - is the PHP-FFMpeg extension available? Note, I'm not referring to "ffmpeg-php", which according to the site below is not developed since 2007 and requires a very old version of ffmpeg:

    Also, as long as I'm/you're here - any ideas/links/tutorials on how to get started using FFMPEG on Dathorn servers? Even just a "Hello World!" helps... thanks!

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    Sorry, this is no longer offered at this time. We really didn't have anyone using it and it was a nightmare to maintain all of the related programs and libraries. This may change going forward but I cannot say with any level of certainty right now.


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      Just getting back to this - Andrew, do you mean just PHP-FFMpeg is not offered, or FFMpeg as a whole? Video is going everywhere lately, and I have a feeling my clients will be requesting ffmpeg much more going forward...



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        FFmpeg as a whole. Logging its use showed zero usage so support for it was removed. We'll certainly re-evaluate as needed but we do have to consider the costs (time, etc.) vs benefit. It's a bit of a nightmare to maintain properly because of all the dependencies and related software. There are also legal concerns in some cases as well (here). That's why CloudLinux doesn't include it although they provide PHP-FFmpeg.