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    Honest Dathorn opinion

    I've been in tech work since the 8088 came out in the early 80's and did mini's before that. I can't recall dealing with a company that has so consistently provided GREAT service. I have had myriad...
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    By "complete installation and setup by us" I...

    By "complete installation and setup by us" I assume you mean that I turn in a Trouble Ticket requesting an SSL certificate for one of my hosted domains and then shortly thereafter I'll have the...
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    Setup Secure transmission from website

    I have a client that is going to collect Driver License Numbers in a form on their website. They will also collect a Social Security Number on two other forms. They won't be collecting any credit...
  4. Auto-Purge on webmail clients or deleting .Trash folder via Cpanels File Manager

    I was wondering if there is a way to have the trash folders in the webmail clients automatically purged. I have a number of clients who continue to use webmail and continue to forget to purge their...
  5. This is what my Spam Assassin screen looks like....

    This is what my Spam Assassin screen looks like. (I have disabled "Auto Delete" to see if I get the SPAM message in the header and to see what impact it has on the amount of SPAM I'm receiving)
  6. When I was formally setting up SpamAssassin, I...

    When I was formally setting up SpamAssassin, I would have it rewrite the subject line and include the score assigned to each piece of mail. I would then determine which value to use as a threshold...
  7. Is Spam Assassin negatively impacted by recent upgrades?

    I am using Postini on certain of my accounts, but I am using Spam Assassin on almost all of them. I have noticed an incredible increase in SPAM over the past month or two on my accounts that are...
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    hosting email only

    I am setting my first customer that is hosting ONLY email with me. All other accounts I've setup in the past have hosted both their website and their email. The customer is a bank and I don't have...
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