I'm new to Dathorn, so I thought I'd see if anyone has any new ideas on how to use common PHP libraries.

Because of security concerns in a shared environment, it is typically not possible to include scripts with a file system call (as opposed to http: ) from another domain. This can lead to a definition of reuseable code as write once and make copies everywhere. Another option is to have a common library that can be used with each client domain.

My work-around was to place the common code in a mySql database and then retrieve and "eval" the code to run the php script. With other hosts my experience is has been that the first call to the database is slower than a file system include, but subsequent calls were not that much slower.

This is my way of being able to have common code that can be called in as needed. Also, as the capabilities improve, the new functionality is available to every domain - sometimes even without breaking the domain application.

What are other's approaches to common script libraries?