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Thread: dreamweaver and ssh

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    Question dreamweaver and ssh

    Me again

    i'm comfortable with DWmx and ssh both and can connect to my dathorn sites via ssh (terminal), ftp, sftp and DW (using regular ftp connection).

    However when attempting to use DW with ssh (via putty/plink) i cannot get any directory listing, nor upload anything. This works just fine without ssh (and i'll use that for the time being).

    Anyway, i was just currious if i'd missed anything or if anyone has any suggestions. i suppose i could just dev/test locally and do uploads with sftp, but i really enjoy the DW interface and would also like to avoid any "version entanglements" (php, perl, sql db's, etc.) that might occur if i dev on my own internal webserver.

    No big deal, just curious

    Thanks in advance for your help/pointers/etc

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    I'm having the same problem, DWmx not working with SSH (Putty). I can connect and see the file directory w/o SSH and can connect using SecureFX and see my directory structure. Don't know why I can't see the tree structure with DWmx & SSH (Putty) - connect fine, just no tree. Anyone got any ideas?

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    not verified but looks like it sheds some light on it ...

    (This space for rent)

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