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Thread: dns propogated for website, but not email?

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    Red face dns propogated for website, but not email?

    Hey there.

    I just migrated one of my domains from a different host. I changed the DNS settings at godaddy and it was pointing to the new site within an hour. I was blown away since I have never had a quick propogation before. Regardless, everything seemed to be working. Then I realized people are still sending emails to addresses that I haven't set up yet and I'm receiving them. I also created an email address on dathorn that doesn't exist on the old host and it won't go through.

    So, what appears to be happening is that the DNS propogated fine and the website is serving from dathorn, like it should. BUT, emails are still getting routed to the old server.

    Does this seem strange to anyone?
    Do smtp and http servers sync DNS separately? And at different times? I'm a little confused.


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    Your local DNS may have changed the settings within an hour, but the rest of the servers around the world bouncing emails around for you will not have done.

    You'll have to wait the full time your registra tells you when you change the DNS. Normally between 24-48 hours.

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