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Thread: How to protect your phpBB forum against hackers

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    Default How to protect your phpBB forum against hackers

    I found out some interesting document about protecting phpBB.
    It would surely be intereting for everyone who run this kind of board.

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    He's wrong on at least one point: every upgrade to phpBB has detailed instructions on how to upgrade from any previous version. The "Files" archive even has all the files that have changed from that particular version to the new one, allowing an easy upgrade to the newest version.

    The problem they have, and probably the reason they don't list all the vulnerabilities of the software, is that they would become the resource for people wanting to hack the software.

    His other mods have some merit, but the problem remains that you would have to re-do many of these when the next update comes out. The main reason people DON'T update is having to re-do all their mods.

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