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Thread: FORMS: "Premature end of script headers"

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    Default FORMS: "Premature end of script headers"

    Trying to get a form going on the server but bouncing between errors. The Log is currently describing this error on the form's access to the Perl file ("Premature end of script headers [dir, pl file])

    Did some searching but can't seem to find an explanation that's not a bit over my head.

    Insight anyone?

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    Wellt here are many reasons, but basically the reason that you get the error is fo some reason, and error is being generated in yuor script before the HTML headers are being written.

    there are a few causes for this, but if I remember, the one that got me when i started doing Perl about 5 years ago, was that I had not configured my FTP client to treat pl and cgi files as ASCII, with the resultant problems with #EOL characters being non-conformant

    If you develop on a windows machine, make sure

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