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Thread: MySQL error...upgrade related

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    Default MySQL error...upgrade related

    two parter here. my whole tikiwiki site is down due to an error that occurs on every page like this:
    Array ( [0] => 44 )
    $result is false
    $result is empty

    tried check and repair on the db. check on the tables gave me two errors. first on tiki_images_data saying "Primary and Index Keys should not both be set for column 'imageId'" and same for "tiki_untranslated for column 'id'".

    second, maybe related, issue: i see on the upgrade forum that my server was upgraded to MySQL 4.1.3 and when i look at my cPanel it is saying 4.1.13. so not sure if the above is upgrade related or if my server was even upgraded.


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    There's a thread in TikiWiki Forum about PHP 4.4 problems:

    Concerning use of PHP 4.4

    Problems seem to be with ADODB (Database Abstraction Layer) and Smarty.
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