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Thread: ClientExec, Ioncube, and the latest server software upgrades

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    Default ClientExec, Ioncube, and the latest server software upgrades

    Well, I'm on cpanel04 which is the first server to receive the new server software upgrades as posted in this thread:

    After Andrew posted about the changes I decided I had better check all my sites and I did find a few problems, luckily they were easy to fix. Because these server upgrades are going to happen on the rest of the servers soon, I'm giving everyone a heads up.

    + Firstly, anyone using Ioncube in their scripts is probably going to have to upgrade their loaders due to the PHP upgrade.

    + I have ClientExec (v2.1) and I found that I could no longer login in as an administrator. What I have had to do is use the "forgot your password" option on all admin accounts to generate new passwords, this is probably due to either the MySQL or PHP upgrades. Checking the clientexec db tables you can see that the new passwords have a much different format so the password encryption/decryption functions have probably changed in the upgrade.
    (clients can still login if they use their domain name login details, probably because a seperate table / password storage method is used for their details)

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    Thanks for the heads up.

    I use CE as well, and I will look for that when the server I'm on gets updated.

    I noticed you said you used CE 2.1. They are at 2.5.2 or .3 now. Have you thought about upgrading? I believe there are many fixes and features added since then.

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