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Thread: How to use SFTP to connect to your Dathorn account

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    Thumbs up How to use SFTP to connect to your Dathorn account

    Welcome to the 21st century, where we dont send out passwords over the internet plain text.

    For this Step by Step we will be using FileZilla a free Win32 ftp client. You can download it here.

    1. First make sure you have SSH enabled for you account.
    2. in FileZilla go to File ---> Site Manager
    3. Click on 'New Site' name the site
    4. Enter the 'hostname' (
    5. For 'Server Type' choose 'SFTP using SSH2'
    6. For 'Logon Type' choose 'Normal'
    7. Enter your standard Username and password.

    NOTE: The first time you connect it will say "the server's host key is not chached in the registry..." Choose YES to store the key in the cache.

    Thats it!
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