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Thread: A few questions...

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    Exclamation A few questions...

    1. Why was my forum user name deleted? Do you purge users that are inactive for a certain period of time even if they have active, paying hosting accounts?
    2. Why was a general "you might be down for a while" email sent out before the cpanel upgrades, as some of us don't have time to look at this forum all the time just incase an upgrade gets scheduled.
    3. If this upgrade (cpanel12) is complete, why does it still show this.
    4. I've logged into WHM, all the accounts are still there, all the files are still there as are Cpanel, email, sql, etc... but if that's true then why the above problem?

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    1. The main Dathorn HDD was formatted accidently after a server failure, this is a new forum, no posts nor names were transferred over from the old one.
    2. I don't get what you are talking about here. Subscribe to the accouncement forums if you don't have time to look so it wil email you daily if an announcement has been posted.
    3. Submit a trouble ticket about this one.
    4. See the above answer.
    Dan Blomberg

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