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Thread: Creating Custom Nameservers With GoDaddy

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    Default Creating & Using Custom Nameservers With GoDaddy

    To Create Custom Nameservers:
    This will show you how to create custom Nameservers in GoDaddy.

    After you login click Manage Domains.

    Click on one of the domain names listed, in the image we click on It will load a new pane on the right side of the screen.

    Click the plus on the lowest option in that pane (Domain Host Summary). Then click on "Click here to see details or modify".

    Now set the prefix for the first nameserver (normally ns1) for your domain and put the IP address you got in your welcome email in the IP spot. Click "Add New Host" and that will allow you to enter the second nameserver (ns2). Put the second IP in that blank that you got in your welcome email. When you have set the two hosts click "Save Changes".

    Now to use the nameservers
    Now put a check box next to one of your domain names and click Set Nameservers

    On the left side is where you set the servers, set them to the hosts you just created. Click Save Changes and you're done.

    Remember all changes take between 24 and 72 hours to go into affect.
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