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    I am setting my first customer that is hosting ONLY email with me. All other accounts I've setup in the past have hosted both their website and their email. The customer is a bank and I don't have access to change any of their DNS setup. I was wondering what I need to do to setup the account on my dathorn account. I am concerned about the fact that the WHM is going to create A records as well as the MX record I need. Do I need to delete the other records form my dathorn DNS zone, or just leave them alone. Additionally, what info do I need to give the people that are currently controlling the DNS zone for the customer's website AND email. I just need them to create an MX record entry for cpanel27, right?

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    Just create account as usual. since their domain is hosted on other DNS they have to setup there MX record to point to your server. DNS on Dathorn server would not be used by anyoene else except Dathorn servers.

    You may edit DNS zone for that domain and point it to other DNS server, and simply erase all other records in that zone.

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