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Thread: Backup questions

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    Default Backup questions

    I am a bit confused about the pricing of the backup provided. The page says

    "Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Backups - $2.00/month per GB of disk space in chosen plan"


    1. If I am in the basic plan but have used only 1GB (say) in total, do I pay $2*1 or $2x4? (4GB being the plan's disk space)

    2. $2/mnth - Does this mean that I pay $2/mnth if I choose monthly backup or is it $2/mnth for daily/weekly/monthly backups? If it is the latter, why would anyone opt for monthly backup?

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    1. $8/month. Pricing is based on the amount of disk space in your plan.

    2. In your case, it would be $8/month for daily backups, an additional $8/month for weekly backups, etc. Different frequencies are better for different people. Each backup is overwritten during each period so daily backups might not be the best choice.

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