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Thread: Acquire IP range

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    Default Acquire IP range

    I am curious to know how does one acquire a dedicated IP address range and what is the cost? For example: something like a larger corp would acquire.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default IP Address Assignments

    In the US you apply for address space from ARIN (

    The smallest block they assign is a /20. The cost of this block is a one time registration fee of $2500 (US) + an annual maintenance fee. I believe that is the same cost as the registration fee.

    You must also be a member or ARIN which is another yearly fee.

    If is usually safe to say that only service providers get the addresses and then they allocate them to their end users.

    If you are a company that needs public IP space I am not sure. Most companies I deal with and setup we just use the private IP space that IANA has set aside and NAT out to our assigned IP address. I will normally get 5 usable IP's for a business customer that way we can have some servers in our DMZ on real IP's.


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    Depending on how many IP addresses you need, your best bet is most likely to obtain the IP space from your ISP. As Randy mentioned, you can apply for IP space directly from Arin, but you'll have to worry about getting your ISP to announce your route, plus it does cost a decent amount of money.

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