Some time ago, I was reading advice regarding upgrading accounts at Dathorn. There were two basic paths, increasing the level of your existing account (which has the benefit of one convenient WHM/CP to managed, provided the server had room) or getting a second account on a different server (which brings various potential benefits).

I've decided on the latter option. I will open a second, separate account at Dathorn on one of the newer servers.

I searched the forums again regarding how to handle nameservers spanning across 2 different Dathorn accounts without finding any relevant threads.

My hosting clients are uniformly instructed to point their DNS to and is hosted at Account1 on CpanelXX.

What's the advice here? I'd like an authoritative recommendation.

I could (Option A) setup as owner of Account2 on CpanelYY or perhaps (Option B) as Account2 on CpanelYY.

Either way, I want to continue directing hosting clients to point to, et al. How would that be handled?

In Option A, am I now forced to tell some clients (on the original account) to use, but tell other clients (some of whom might be the same actual person or company) to use Is there not a seamless way to do it?

In Option B, is it seamless? Or am I required to setup, say, and