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Thread: Mailman Backup Question

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    Default Mailman Backup Question

    At one point I asked if Mailman files were backed up if we paid for the backup service and was told "No". Does this mean this has changed? Can we expect to be able to restore Mailman lists if needed if backup service is purchased?

    This thread led me to believe Dathorn may have changed their position:

    I originally posted this question to the thread in question, but this is a more appropriate spot to ask Dathorn staff...

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    Mailman mailing lists are not backed up with cPanel backups which we essentially use an altered version of.

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    While it won't help you restore a mailing list, and you can't load in old messages in your archive, you can look into using a private Google Groups to archive the Mailman messages from now on, on Google's server.

    See for a method I used to archive my family mailing list. I had some members who preferred to use the web to read the messages, and the native Mailman pages were not "friendly enough" for them.

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