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Thread: Moving to a dedicated server

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    Default Moving to a dedicated server

    One of my sites has high server load here on dathorn so Andrew told me to find a dedicated server.

    I installed same version of mysql and apache 2 and I am having problems with the accents (special characters).

    Can someone help me to solve this problem? I dont know if its a problem with apache or with mysql or both.

    In dathorn I see this on phpmyadmin:
    Tercera Parte: El d*a más largo del año más la...
    In my new box i see this:
    Tercera Parte: El dÃ*a más largo del ...
    So I decide to copy and paste (phpmyadmin) from dathorn to the new box, but In my internet browser the characters still looks wrong.

    Here is a example of a post made in the new box that looks good in the browser:
    In phpmyadmin looks like:
    este es un post de prueba
    acéntos ñeros e...
    hope someone can help me.
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    Well, it's a charset/collation problem. You'll have to learn a lot about character sets and collations if you envsion to administrate a mySQL 4.1+ server yourself. Make sure you're running the same charset as here on your box (I would always use UTF-8 if there are no some very serious reasons to not doing it) and chose an appropriate collation (utf8_general_ci?).

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