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Thread: Emails Not Sent Via Total Access Emailer

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    Default Emails Not Sent Via Total Access Emailer

    I am using Total Asscess Emailer to send out mail to our members. It connets via SMTP with username and password on port 25. I have it set with 1 second pause between emails. I go through a corporate firewall.

    It appears, however that while the program appears to be working fine, many members report not getting the emails or they are delayed by several days (including myself on a different email system). I have checked spam blockers on my email system and that does not seem to hold the email.

    So my questions are:

    1) anything about the Dathorn servers that would block this outgoing mail?

    2) If this a corportate firewall problem, any suggestions on settings that helps avoid this problem.

    3) Other methods people use the distribute email to those who have agreed to receive these emails.


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    1. No

    2+3. Use a script on the local server to mail directly (like phpList).

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