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Thread: Dathorn's SSL Certificates

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    Default Dathorn's SSL Certificates

    What is required to get a Dathorn SSL certificate? How do I do it, and what info do you need. Am I able to order one on behalf of a client, or do they have to do it themselves (they are not very technology literate)?

    I've only ever ordered ssl certs through geotrust and they use an automated phone identity verification thing, is there something like that in place for dathorn certs?

    Also, estimated turn-around time (i.e. less than 24 hrs?)

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    All you have to do is submit a trouble ticket and let us know which domain you would like the SSL certificate for. We take care of the entire SSL certificate generation process for you. This only takes as long as it takes us to get to the ticket and confirm your order.

    However, from our experience, Geotrust randomly flags about 10% of their orders for manual verification in which case this does increase the time to receive the actual SSL certificate (sometimes 24-48 hours).

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    I bought an SSL cert through dathorn and I want to put the SSL seal(logo) on my site. Where abouts would i get this graphic?

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