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    Default Spam Gone

    I have to share this with the group. The postini that is offered here is truly amazing. I have about 6 e-mail accounts that I use and I was averaging about 300 to 400 spam a day on average....
    I installed Postini and that is done, gone over... I am amazed at this .....

    If you are getting spammed to death this product is for you and your clients

    One thing I should of thought about but it was an after thought, of course we all know the service level is from Dathorn, well I guess it would make sense that Andrew would only sell us a product that he is happy with ...

    Give it a whirl, you will be amazed ....

    (This space for rent)

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    I agree, its amazing. I have it on a few accounts.

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    We wouldn't offer it if it didn't work We actually use it on all of our own e-mail accounts as well. It's the best spam filtering that I've used.

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