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Thread: Free Wordpress Theme for you guys :)

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    Default Free Wordpress Theme for you guys :)

    Let me know what you think.

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    The tops and bottoms of headlines are cut off in Mac Firefox.

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    Default Tried it; like it

    Thank you for sharing this theme, much appreciated.

    After receiving discrepancies between IE and FF with others wordpress themes I liked (ProSense/Cutline), I searched for a clean theme with no hassles and found this one.


    The following additions/changes are suggested for the next version:

    * Stationary header option. The top header remains on top of the screen when scrolling down. Often blogs have long screens instead of pages making it easy to get lost and losing the aesthetic feel.

    * Full header clickable option. Simple setting to enable the entire header (custom image or not) to be clickable to the homepage.

    * Perhaps move the RSS & Search bar into the upper righthand corner of the About box or directly right of the About title, enabling a clean header for those choosing to substitute the black bar with an image.

    With little code knowledge, Iím currently trying to figure out how to to accomplish those three alterations.

    Any suggestions on how to accomplish those changes are welcome.

    The template you created is simple, strong, and classy. Great job, and thank you.


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