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    I am working with a client setting up a shopping cart, a couple of questions I am looking for input on:

    I am giving consideration to zen-cart for the shopping cart program, who here is using it can you give comment on it the software and overall operation for youv?

    Payment processors, would like some input on some different one you folks might be using other than paypal. not sure where to go on this input from users would be awesome

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    I've setup and customised a few zen cart installs - has been the best free cart that I've used, and should be able to handle most shipping, tax requirements...

    IIRC Google Checkout has a nice introductory offer (only till the end of the year I think, so might not be worth it..)

    I found worldpay to be fairly good (although I have read some people have had some problems with them...).

    I've also used secpay, who were very helpfull and will work hard to get your business...

    The great thing about PayPal and Google checkout are the low setup costs (read none), but you will probably get stung on higher transaction charges...

    Edit: I'm based in the UK, so if you're in the US there are probably a lot more options to consider...


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