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    Ok I am new to Dathorn but that doesn't mean I am new to the internet or new to how long things take.

    There are a dime a dozen of sites out there that have "automated" setup processes that can get you an account setup in 10 minutes to an hour. But it's automated, I real person never touched it. So in that vein something could go wrong, and if you had to contact support to find out what it was or get it fixed that would take probably another hour.

    Not so with dathorn. I setup a new account and for any of you that have not setup an account here, the process to get you dialed in requires a representative from dathorn to get the details right before setting up your WHM account. Now on a weekend you wouldn't expect that you would have to wait for the next business day for this right? Nope. Andrew here had me ready to go in less than 1 hour. And he wasn't even showing as online at the time I sent in my request. Considering the level of service you get with dathorn and the personalized attention... that goes a long long way.

    And to think Andrew actually apologized for the delay in the ticket request. PSSSHH If that was a delay, what do those other so called hosting companies call theirs? "wait while you grow old?"

    Thanks again for the superb service Dathorn!!!

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    You have found one of the best kept secrets in hosting, namely DATHORN.....
    However is saying that, there are certain expectations of you from Dathorn and from the rest of us on the servers with regards to keeping everybody happy and keeping the servers humming along......

    If you stay within the terms of service you will see how easy and good things will's awesome


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