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    I have a strange request from a customer. They want to host forums and gallery with me (Coppermine integrated with either SMF or phpBB2), and host their CMS on another domain. I'm not sure they have thought this through, and I was trying to think of issues to let them know about.

    Number one is I don't know of a way to share log-in credentials across servers. Their current site has had a number of maintenance problems (PostNuke and phpBB2). I think trying to integrate the log ins between servers, if possible, will be a maintenance issue once again.

    Number two is the confusion for their members with two domain names, although I suppose links on the pages linking back and forth between the domains could ease this problem.

    Any others you can think of?

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    For logins you could use one database to store the sessions/authentication (adodb's info here) - I don't think we're allowed direct remote db connections though???

    I'd try to pursuade them to go the sub domain route - but then again the customer is always right

    Why do they need to host cms and forums separately?
    How many users on the forum will need to login to CMS as well? If only the sites employees maybe they can cope with 2 logins?

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    phpBB has a history for being the worst forum software there is... security-wise anyways.

    Different domains, different logins. Simple. Even here at DIS, I have several different login names just within the domain, let alone if I start counting up and my domains... Sharing the login info would be inherently insecure.

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