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Thread: YUP!!! Yet another 5 year review!

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    Thumbs up YUP!!! Yet another 5 year review!

    Oh, yes...there are quite a few of us out there! I just passed 5 years with Dathorn and I could not be happier. I came here after reading positive reviews at WHT after having been tortured by several other hosts. We all know that story.

    Andrew is so patient, even when I have bonehead questions. The price is fantastic and the ticket response time is completely out of control -- it's that good.

    I've only had one issue in the 5 years, and it was a false DCMA complaint from a psychotic "web designer" that had Andrew terminating my account right away. Frankly, I don't blame him one bit because he just needed to protect his interests. But even with that, he and I were able to come to a solution quickly and my account was restored almost immediately. I knew I was in the right, but I didn't want to get Andrew involved.

    As an update to that, we won our case. Afterall, we had a clear contract and held the copyright registration ourselves. Since then, this person has gone on to try to victimize other people, and it's kind of sad.

    At any rate... this is about Dathorn and the great service. All I can say is that if you're looking around, you've found the right place. Just make sure that you stay within Andrew's rules and you'll happy, too. Andrew can be tough and is fiercely protective of his business, but that only benefits all of us as customers anyway. There's a level of dedication and integrity at Dathorn that simply doesn't exist in any other host I've known. That's why there are so many of us who are still here after 5+ years. I'm certainly not going anywhere.

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    This is what makes all of the hard work worth it. Thank you very much!

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    I'll give kudo's to Andrew and team. I don't always get along with him, but I can't deny that Dathorn is efficient, rapid to respond, technically knowledgeable, and cost-effective. I'm usually one to jump ship when I get pissed off, but here I am years later. Keep up the good work.

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    Wow time flies, just realised that I'm pushing at least 5 years too.

    I have probably submitted about 6 or 7 support tickets in my time here. It's a great feeling to know that A) I will get an answer and B) It will be within about 20 minutes in most cases and C) My problem wil get resolved.

    Andrew, it's obvious you work your butt off - thanks for all the good years here.

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    Default Yet Another Review

    Wanted to add my review to the list over 5 years and have no plans of moving anywhere. That will likely cause Andrew and staff more sleepless nights sorry for that.

    Top 5 Reasons for staying with Dathorn for Hosting

    1- No headaches from a user point of view everything works all the time
    2- Communication from Andrew.... For upgrades, any changes/plans are
    communicated well in advance
    3- All trouble tickets are answered in lightening fast speed like 10 minutes.
    4- Service, Service and more Service
    5- Andrew values our input and ofter takes what he gathers from his clients and will use that information to improve on features with his hosting plans.

    Andrew has a super solid infrastucture in place and it works very well. I am extremely happy and will be hopefully writing a 10 year review

    Cheers to Andrew & Staff

    (This space for rent)

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    Default Ditto

    I too have been with Dathorn for quite some time (over 5 years) and have been extremely happy with the level of service provided.

    Keep up the good work!

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