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Thread: XML parser?

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    Quote Originally Posted by salmon View Post
    In cpanel 58, it says "Cannot instantiate non-existent class: xmlreader in /home/talesofm/public_html..."

    how can I over come this problem?
    Andrew is probably right, but there is one other thing that applies. PHP 5 has some enhanced xml handling that isn't in the earlier versions, so check to see if your script requires PHP 5. By default, all servers run PHP 4.x even if PHP 5 is available (I think it is on all servers now). If your script requires PHP 5, see for a way to enable it.

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    Just quickly took a look at the website and it looks like your script is trying to use this:

    Which requires PHP 5. Just follow the link that Frank provided above to setup your domain to use PHP 5.

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    I discovered and fixed the problem. Wordpress script automatically turns PHP version to 4.4.8; I added prompt to use php 5 to htaccess and the problem has been disappeared.

    Thank you for your interest

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