One of my sites (a musician) has a large and growing fan-base, and sends out (pseudo-)monthly emails with phplist.

The most recent mailing triggered a warning from Andrew - evidently they sent out several thousand emails in far too short a span of time. There are obviously two problems here... Thousands of emails in one mailing is causing concern for Andrew, and the short span of time is obviously much worse.

Can I send the admin some recommended settings for PHPList so that the second problem (the email surge) is prevented? What settings have worked for others? I saw one comment on the forums here had Andrew's thumbs-up for "send 5 emails, wait 10 seconds". Sounds good?

I realize the other problem might be insurmountable, if the fan list grows. If it does, does anyone have good recommendations on other options for legitimate large-volume mailing so I can direct the admin there? I very much do not want to send business to a spam-friendly shop, on principle as well as because it would obviously result in a lot of their emails being undelivered.