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Thread: Work-Around for changing space and bandwidth by plan only

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    Default Work-Around for changing space and bandwidth by plan only

    Dathorn is a great value and in general I'm pleased with the hosting. However,
    there is one area that makes my support difficult. I also have reseller hosting
    accounts at 3 other WHM / Cpanel type hosts. At each of these hosting
    accounts, I can change the space and bandwidth for an individual account in WHM. At Dathorn we currently can only change the bandwidth for each category of hosting plan.

    I can see that having broad categories of hosting plans would be very useful for customers that are primarily resellers of space. In my case, I'm not really a reseller, but a webmaster where I host for my clients - so each client, gets what they need.

    The work around suggested by AndrewT is to setup each client with his individual plan. In my case, this is seems quite feasible and I'll break each client out as the need arises. Strangely, this will probably allow more clients since now each client gets the maximum resources for any client in the plan - with each client having an individual plan, I should be able to squeeze things down a little if need be, but not really an issue at the moment - just need a little more space for a couple of clients. So individual plans it is - too bad we can't rename plans, would save a step, but not a big deal - just create a new plan (my plans currently have resource limits in the names).

    Hope this is of use to others.


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    I think this was already somehow mentioned on the forums. At least I had an impression that I've already read this piece of advice. FYI, Andrew had to put these constraints in place because of WHM's buggy handling of individual resources limits which they are unwilling to fix.

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