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Thread: Question about addtional services?

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    Default Question about addtional services?

    Hello Andrew,

    I would first like to start by saying thank you for the fantastic service and support. I have been with Dathorn for about 7 years. When I start out 7 years ago I new nothing about this business and Andrew and staff were always there to help.

    I have taken advantage of all the addition services Dathorn offer at one time or another, which brings me to my question.

    I have a ClientExec license via Dathorn, the problem is this software is really lacking in some areas. Andrew any chance you could strike up a deal with WHMCS.

    Once again thank you.

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    Thank you very much!

    Most of our customers that do choose to resell are using billing software licenses that they've obtained on their own. Our ClientExec licenses really aren't big sellers, and I would agree that it is lacking in a lot of ways. We started offering it well before WHMCS and the like became popular.

    We have no plans to offer WHMCS at this time. I've looked into doing so at least twice over the past few years. Their reseller pricing just isn't all that attractive for the relatively small quantity of licenses that we would end up selling and in the end it really wouldn't save you more than a few dollars per month.

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